The Power of ‘de’

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all consuming
of space
in the room
in the building
in the mind.
Noise so loud
it swamps all thought
never to be forgotten
even if tried to be ignored.

A weight
dragging the air
the soul
down to the abyss.
Shoulders slumped
from carrying its burden.

The wanting
the needing to sort
to organise
and yet no action
as the weight
and noise
equals inertia.

A place of stuckness
even helplessness.
A physical barrier
to the light within
and without.

A spark can be formed
a simple addition
of two letters
a tiny ‘d’
a minuscule ‘e’
yet both the power
to transform a life
many lives
moving clutter
to declutter.

A spark to break the norm
transform the habit
to clear the space
in the mind and the heart
in the room and the cupboard
as the weight is removed
shoulders unhunch
move back
lungs open

The aim is not to minimise
be minimal
but to manage
be manageable.
Not once
But repeated on a daily basis.
A new habit
to build on
to notice the thoughts
to converse with yourself
and choose
yes choose
it’s your choice
to practise a new life.

And you breathe
the deep breath of freedom and light
of a smile and relief
from the burden that once held sway
that’s the power of ‘de’.


I was asked to write this poem by a friend who is a professional organiser and declutterer. She simply asked for a poem about the effect it can have. This is what came out.

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