Fern forest

Photo by Daniel Frank on Pexels.com

Fronds in motion
even when still
uncurling in a roar of silence
expanding and growing
spreading across the scree slope.

Beneath the spreading boughs
of stunted mountain oaks
the small forest of ferns
clings between the rocks
roots digging deep
as they drink from the earth
and the mists
that roll off the deep, dark lake.

For the moment
they glow
with the green vibrancy
only ferns can deliver
feather leaves quivering with misted droplets
and the smell,
the smell of fresh damp and lushness.

Yet soon
the green will fade to bright reds and browns
and a golden carpet will emerge
to spread across the mountain side;
and when the evening sun hits
the fells are afire
with the flames of fern forest.

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