Pasty Perfection

A golden parcel of deliciousnessa buttery and savoury heavena multitude of fillingssome poshsome notbut whatever is insidea big bitein to the crunchinessreveals the flavours within. Maybe a burst of steamso be carefulfor beneath the innocent pastrycan lie the stingthe bite backof a burning mixturethat’ll have you jumpingand huffingand perish the thoughthaving to spit the mouthful […]

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Multicoloured.Bright and cheery.Crispy shell.Sugared-over chocolate. One is never enough. Just one more. And another. Some say they are all the same,no matter the colour:same ingredients,same process. But,let’s face it:the orange ones are the best.

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That first sniff

There’s nothing quite likethat momentthe first timethat daythe first time since wakingthat you take the first sniffthat first smellthat first inhalationof rich dark coffee. The vapourdrawn upwardinto the nostrils.Eyes closedas the depth of that aromaseepsdeep in to your body.A scentthat creates a tastebypassing the mouthand straight to the brain. Next time you have a first […]

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Hot Chocolate

Dark. Sensuous. Velvet on the tongue. Richness and depth. Teasing the taste buds, warming to the tum.  And the hands; clasped on either side of the mug. Vapour rising. Olfactory inducing. Complementary.  Complimentary: the flavours, of sweetness and bitterness. A blend of relaxation. An ‘mmm’. A sigh. 

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Wots it?

Just what are you wotsit; you cheesey cloud of deliciousness?  Tangy yet somehow sweet: a hidden skill you have that others should be warned of.  So beware! Pay heed!  You’ll never eat just one.  Soon the packet will be gone, and if that doesn’t scare you then listen and know; once touched and your hand has entered that flavour filled sleeping bag, every surface thence touched, covered it will be in tasty orange dust.  […]

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Cereal killer

It’s evening Nearly bed time But The tummy wants filling Something snacky To replete the nibbles And so It’s time For cereal Breakfast For supper However you like it Plain or frosted Honey or syrup Real milk Or squeezed nuts Whatever your preference Fill that bowl And pour the liquid Then dig in The smell […]

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Glowing orange Shiny Dimpled skin Tiny suns Promising flavour A tang And sharpness To refresh And delight. Nail to the skin A tiny puff Of sharp mist Rising In to the air To tantalise. And tease. Peel further Unveiling the treasure within Then maybe beak apart And pop straight in To bite And burst Between […]

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Victoria Sponge

Delicious pillow. Sweet. Soft. Moreish.  Can be adorned with thick cream or sugar. But best plain, still warm from the oven.  A smear of raspberry jam in its midst, melt in the mouth.  A slice, or two, or maybe, even three!  Savour it! But don’t save it. Enjoy it! Can always make more.  Then again, for a real spoil, a treat, a splash of runny cream can add a highlight, dripping down […]

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You’ve prepared. You’ve eaten. Meal complete. Sufficiently full, replete for now.  For those without a dishwasher, to the sink we go: taps on, liquid in, steam, bubbles.  Time to wash, to scrub, to clean, set aside to drain; one item at a time.  Glasses first; working through to the mucky stuff, the oily items.  Then done. Last utensil cleaned.  Hands in the bowl, swill around, swirling the water; feeling for anything left: nothing, empty.  And so […]

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Crumbs. Crumbs in the deep. A geeky reference perhaps, but crumbs can be deep, be more useful than first thought!  What comes to mind when you think of crumbs? Toast crumbs perhaps? Crumbs left in the butter, or on the chopping board? However, put a load together and you have a topping, a delicious crust; like a savoury crumble, or use it to […]

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On a roll

When things are flowing, not necessarily effortless but there’s momentum and energy that drives forward.  A chain reaction where one thing leads to another; thought at a minimum, instinct at work at one with surroundings and actions.  Or, of course, I could simply have sat on my sandwich placed accidentally on the chair! 

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Cheeky pea!So green and freshand vibrant. Yes, peas in a podbut never duplicated. You delight with yoursweetness,yourcrunch. Yet you tease byrolling away if dropped, andto those who love you,you make them want more. And yet you havea sting in your tail.  Yes, I speak of the wind,the derrière emissions,the great and fruitsomesyou causeif we eat […]

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Orange Wishes

FirmSmoothDimpled ProtectedFor nowAs I hold the fruitThumb nail poisedReady to dig inTo make that first cutThrough the orangeInto the white. A PushAnd the scent A puff of mistBillows upwardCatching the sensesThe smell Almost tasting already SlowlySlowlyI push the peel awayRunning thumbAnd fingersSeekingSearchingTeasing the rindAway from segments And have you heardThe taleThe storyThat if you are […]

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Some say you are pure stodge, a brick, a heavy lump of carbs.  I say “No!” You obviously haven’t had mine or any great version.  They are clouds of lightness, fluffed by steam; ready to soak up that wonderful gravy.  Simply suet, flour, water at their most basic. Of course, salt and pepper to taste; a dash of bicarb for extra air and some […]

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Chips or fries? Fat or thin? I don’t care. They’re the same thing to me!  Potatoes,  chipped and fried ‘til hot and delicious should be crispy; crunchable on the outside, soft and fluffy on the in.  Not flaccid and floppy. Held at one end should stay horizontal, not droop like  melted  plastic.  And toppings? Salt! Plenty of it. And vinegar for tang.  Other sauces not for me. Though to upset the purists, the […]

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Morning coffee

The ritual. The steps.  As important almost, as the drink itself.  The press is charged. Ready to work. A three-tiered cake of delicious wonder. Ready to blend physics and chemistry.  Three layers: water on the bottom; dark, sumptuous ground beans in the middle; then the vessel – the crucible on top: waiting, wanting… to be filled.  The switch goes on. The heat builds. The magnificent process begins: water […]

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Warm glutinous gloop. Thick with oats and milk. Filling my belly with tasty goodness.  Toppings of your choice. Mine is maple syrup: smoky sweetness, drizzled and stirred in.  And recently, a revelation, not new to many I’m sure, but new to me: a smattering of salt enhances and lifts. Salty sweetness. Not too much though, don’t want it savoury.  Cooked the cheat’s way: microwave heated, but slowly, in steps: thirty seconds, stir, […]

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Let’s face it mi’old sausage, pre cooker you aren’t a looker: pale, shiny and unappealing.  But wait; add the heat and oh my, what wonders to behold!  Grilled, baked, fried. Crispy on the outside, delicious, oozing; full of flavour on the in.  Different meats. Different herbs. You can be fat or thin, long or short, straight or even in whirls.  So versatile!  Buns, rolls, fry ups. Even chopped up with […]

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