Almost peace

Almost peace. Almost. In this place where my heart stills my breathing slows and I soak up the sights and smells and sounds of the Lakeland evening sun. Yet even here my mind still speaks over itself as the voices argue and confuse; an ever exhausting cacophony. At least here the noise inside is muted […]

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The patchof soilof dirtbare earthan island among the green sea. Look closerand see it’s colours browns of all huesreds and even golds. Look closerin to the crevassesto the depthsand see the crystalsblinking from the powdersat your feet. Look closerand a new world appearsof the tiniest of creatures now largescurryinglivingexploringperhaps hidingfrom the face that now peers […]

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Be a Poppy

In a world of conformityof noiseof speedof bitesize news and sound bites. Where difference is often mockedor even despised. Be like a Poppy! Stand out from the crowd. Grow in ground that’s newly turned. Dance your own dance. Sing your own song. Even if only you can hear it. Show your colours. Stand tall and […]

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Come this way

“Come this way”whispered the glowing evening sun. “Fear not the future.Regret not the past.Be in this momentand follow the pathto my warm embrace.”

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Lay lines

Not the mystical lines of energybut tracks made by machines across the land. Avenues of greenthrough cropswaving in the breezebeneath the flitting skylarks. Lines to enterlay downlower myselfbeneath the green horizonand look upthrough the fronds now above meinto the blue beyond. Muted soundsvision of the heavensbetween organic curtainspermeated with the scentonly new growth can emit. […]

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The Hills Holler

The hillsthe fellsthe mountainsare holleringshoutingbeckoningfor me to join them.Too long has it beensince my feetand bare handshave touched stoneand rockthat reaches deepinto the earth.Mountain grassesboth coarse and softwave from afarto welcome me to the heightsin wind and rainsun and soundof Ravens and Pipitsconversing on the masif.The world in the cloudshas a place just for mewhere […]

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You blow and blastbite and burnsolid things can shakeat your powermoveloftflyYou niggle at edgesfinding that loose spotthen wiggle and shake ittill the spot becomes hugethe piece lets goand you carry it off.You can move mountainsover timelifting and letting goIt is your natureto reshape and renewyes destroybut not maliciousNot with anger They say you have furythat […]

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Fern couture

Spirals in the airfrondscurlingcurleduncurlingstill when you lookin movement when you don’t.Terrestrial anemoneswaving in the currents of the breezeas if catching planktonadriftbeing swept bywith the rest of the world. Youngjust starting in lifeunfurlingstretching outgrowing tallerever talleruntila final burstwith a leafy explosiondelicateyet hardy in lifesoaking the sungrounded in earthstanding amongst friendssupportedrarely alonea greenlivingbreathing communityof tiny treestoes curledin […]

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Tick tock

Tick tick goes the Dandelion clock. When will the cloud burst? Tick tock Delicate plushready to explodeat the slightest touch. Tick tock Even taking a photomakes the parachutes quiver.Energy held in swaywaitingto scatterlike children playing tag in the playground. Tick tock I waitbreath heldwatchingas in the blink of an eyeone disintegrates before meit’s partnerseeming to […]

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I see you thereWhere?There on the stairWhere on the stair?Right there.A little mousewithout clogs on.Tiny busy feetcleaning, graspingwhiskers whirringeyes brightwide openconstantly alertfor food and danger.Don’t mind meI am not threatlet’s simply sit togethertwo soulsin the same momentdifferent livessame world.

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A galaxy of starsburst outwardfrom the planet withinlike an ever expanding cloudcaught on the solar windsto seed the surrounding universe.

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Curl, you call!

Above the curls of brackenBeyond the sea grassthat waves and shimmersin the oceans breezelike the sea itselfthat strokesand caressesthe dunes edgeThere’s the rising callof the lone Curlewwhistling for your attentioncrying for you to joinits companyamong the shallowsto wadeand feedand beand perhapstake flightbeside itand fly togetherabove the breakersin a glorious duetof song and salta seasonal chorussprinkled […]

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Sphagnum Gossip

Never mind the water cooleror the office kitchenthe place to befor the Honey Beeis the Sphagnum fly-thru. Gossip aboundsas they drink and wagglequenchingboth thirst and curiosity it seemswhilst restingbefore whizzing awayto continue their busy day.

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Synaptic Silken Semaphore

The flash of semaphorea message from the breezesingle strandsshake and shimmerlike laser beams travelling through space. The finest of cablesyou can almost hearthe twangas if a metal wire is thrummingfrom a composer’s twang. How does it remain connected?the blend perfected by shy arachnidsa cocktail of strength and flex. Watch the light playalong the lines before […]

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Drums in the deep

Listen! To the drums in the deep. To the thrum of the world. The vibrations of the earth. Through its bones: the rock. Get hold of it.Feel the vibrationsthrough your handsthrough your earsthrough your skin. Feel the textures of soundthe frequencies through the Limestonethe Basaltthe Rhyolitethe slateand so many more formseach with their own beattheir […]

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I wish you could sit with mebeside the campfire. Just the two of usalone in the dark faces warmedby the crackling flamesas sparks jump in to the night. Our legs touchour shoulders touchas we huddleby the firesurrounded by the calling owlsand the rustles of creaturesbeyond our light,and the breeze in the trees We feed the […]

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The greatest Stitch

Delicate and petitethe Snapdragons dance in the breezeshakingpartying beneath the hedgerowtentatively stretchingsneakingout in to the field beyond. Five petalsdeeply notchedelongated heartsall meetingin a glorious golden heart. Lush spring growtha green night skyfilled with the Stars-of-Bethlehemtwinklingheraldingthe buzzing beeswafting butterfliesand zooming hoverflies.Early nectarfor those hungry to seekheld in the tiniest of wedding cakes. I can’t but helpto […]

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Lonely tree

The lonely treestanding amid the fieldhedgerow long goneleft to stand alonea tower of lifean oasis for lifea sentinel of the landscapeconnecting the sky to earth.

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Dogs mercury

Despite the trees still barethe world around me is aliveand wakingpowered by the spring sun. Dried leaves are flung asideby Squirrel and Blackbirdas if in a strange danceaccompaniedby the trilling Robin. An echo bounces through the standa furious Pheasant taking to wingjoined by the clapping of Pigeons. The brambles are growingbuddingalong with the remnantsof the […]

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