Fern couture

Spirals in the airfrondscurlingcurleduncurlingstill when you lookin movement when you don’t.Terrestrial anemoneswaving in the currents of the breezeas if catching planktonadriftbeing swept bywith the rest of the world. Youngjust starting in lifeunfurlingstretching outgrowing tallerever talleruntila final burstwith a leafy explosiondelicateyet hardy in lifesoaking the sungrounded in earthstanding amongst friendssupportedrarely alonea greenlivingbreathing communityof tiny treestoes curledin […]

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Tick tock

Tick tick goes the Dandelion clock. When will the cloud burst? Tick tock Delicate plushready to explodeat the slightest touch. Tick tock Even taking a photomakes the parachutes quiver.Energy held in swaywaitingto scatterlike children playing tag in the playground. Tick tock I waitbreath heldwatchingas in the blink of an eyeone disintegrates before meit’s partnerseeming to […]

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I see you thereWhere?There on the stairWhere on the stair?Right there.A little mousewithout clogs on.Tiny busy feetcleaning, graspingwhiskers whirringeyes brightwide openconstantly alertfor food and danger.Don’t mind meI am not threatlet’s simply sit togethertwo soulsin the same momentdifferent livessame world.

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A galaxy of starsburst outwardfrom the planet withinlike an ever expanding cloudcaught on the solar windsto seed the surrounding universe.

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Yes you sustain lifebut you are so much more.You can be a sharp inhalationof shockof fearof surpriseof excitement. You can be a shudderof sadnessof releaseof exhaustionof passion. You can be deep and longto calmto relaxto groundto centre. Now as you read these wordsbreathe in andholdholdlisten to your heart beatnow breathe outlet it goand rejoicein your […]

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Curl, you call!

Above the curls of brackenBeyond the sea grassthat waves and shimmersin the oceans breezelike the sea itselfthat strokesand caressesthe dunes edgeThere’s the rising callof the lone Curlewwhistling for your attentioncrying for you to joinits companyamong the shallowsto wadeand feedand beand perhapstake flightbeside itand fly togetherabove the breakersin a glorious duetof song and salta seasonal chorussprinkled […]

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Sphagnum Gossip

Never mind the water cooleror the office kitchenthe place to befor the Honey Beeis the Sphagnum fly-thru. Gossip aboundsas they drink and wagglequenchingboth thirst and curiosity it seemswhilst restingbefore whizzing awayto continue their busy day.

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Whatever flows, flows

Don’t force things to happenpouring energy in to endsthat may be dead.Whatever happens will happen.What ever goes, goes.Whatever flows, flows.It is what it is.As long as it’s safesee where the current takes you.

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Synaptic Silken Semaphore

The flash of semaphorea message from the breezesingle strandsshake and shimmerlike laser beams travelling through space. The finest of cablesyou can almost hearthe twangas if a metal wire is thrummingfrom a composer’s twang. How does it remain connected?the blend perfected by shy arachnidsa cocktail of strength and flex. Watch the light playalong the lines before […]

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You made me brave

You made me bravelike the lioness behind the lion. You helped feed mewith your presence made me feel invincible. You bolstered my gritpushed me to learnpushed me to strivepushed me to love myself. And I didfor a whilefor a glorious while until I lost you. In that momentI realisednot only did you make me bravebut […]

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Lengthen your line

Let’s not belittle othersto better yourself. Let’s not pull another’s walls downso you can step over them. Let’s not pull others from their platformso you can stand taller. Let’s not silence the otherso your voice can be heard. Let’s not hold others backso you can walk forward. In the words of Bruce Lee,Lengthen your own […]

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The Faded Line

I’ll never regret meetingsharing time and experiences,joint adventures,moments that will last for ever.We grew.We learned.We laughed.We cried. Even though our threads diverged,you made my life special at a certain time.We grew together, even if we grew apartyet I’m never not thinking of you.Thank you!

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I loved you the best I could

I hope one daythough I will never see you again,that you look backat me with heart. That you remember meas someone who truly wanted a futurewhen I pictured you by my side. I hope you’ll remember meas someonewho loved you the best I could.Even if it wasn’t alwayswhat you wanted or needed. I hope you’ll […]

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Shine your light on me

When the clouds of my worldblock the sun from my faceand the chill sends shivers down my spine,my skin tinglingwith the darkness of despair.When my downcast eyesonly see the mudand my life’s leaveswilt in the shadows of my own making. Shine your light on me.Raise my face to youand let your warmthawaken my dormant heart.

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Be honest!

Stop your scrollingyour clickingyour internal chatter. Stop trying to get everything doneand achieve perfection. Answer one question for me. Are you ok? Be honest! If you answered, no! Know that you are loved.If by no one else,then by me. I love you!I’m proud of you!Keep going!

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Drums in the deep

Listen! To the drums in the deep. To the thrum of the world. The vibrations of the earth. Through its bones: the rock. Get hold of it.Feel the vibrationsthrough your handsthrough your earsthrough your skin. Feel the textures of soundthe frequencies through the Limestonethe Basaltthe Rhyolitethe slateand so many more formseach with their own beattheir […]

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The day you danced

I remember the day you danced for mewhen you showed freedomand breath taking beauty. Dancing in the kitchenlight streaming behind youas you lost yourself to the beat. Lost yourself in the momenteyes closedin another placeflying freehappinesssadnesshurt and pain. All shown in your spinningand swirls.As you let go. What a beautiful sighta moment sharedas I drank […]

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Hold me close to yousafe in your embrace. When I feel lostbring me to you. Let your heart beatcalm my own. Let the rise and fall of your chestslow my own. Let your stillnessseep in to metill the voices fall quietand I can be still too. Hold me close to you.

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Growing discomfort

To complete a challenge you’ve never done beforefeels uncomfortable. To leave a safe jobbut that sucks at your soulis uncomfortable. To say nowhen you’d really rather not is uncomfortable. To leave a toxic relationshipwhen you are scared of being aloneis uncomfortable. To admit your mistakesyour failuresis uncomfortable. To say enough is enoughwhen you have nothing […]

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