Dance with me

The stars our chandelier as we sway to the music. I hold you closeyour arms around me. I can smell your hairyour head tucked under my chinyour chest against mineour hearts beat togetherholding to the rhythmof the music that surrounds us. The slight soundof the material of our clothesbrushing against each other.A testament to our […]

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Ghost in the Crowd

Ever had that momentwith friendswith familywith strangerswhen you felt on the outside:the ghost in the crowd,the only one not sureof what’s going on, Knowing the mapisn’t the reality? Where everyone elseis living a lifethat to you feels to one sideadjacent to reality? You want to speak,to shout:What’s going on?Why can’t you see mefor who I […]

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Alone.  Bereft of soul.  Not simply lonely or missing another. But truly alone. Even from yourself.  The world turns. Continues. Around the vacuum of your existence. Nothing else in focus.  Adrift, in a world of cold,  energy-sapping mist.  A fog.  Distant shapes flit out of touch.  Blackness. Lost. Anxious Panic in the chest.  And yet flatlined.  Alone, in a world of billions.  The invisible one. 

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Moon reflection

I stare at the moon And wonder Are you looking up at it too? Are you thinking of me too? Are you feeling the draw of the magnets? The pulling of the threads? And wondering Of The life lost The future changed forever The dreams torn asunder In the moment of the fateful decision I […]

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Lost in the world around me, as if detached from everything; a ghost among the living.  No sensations. No breeze can be felt, despite the shaking of the leaves. No warmth, despite the fire in the hearth. Not even numbness but the absence of it.  The lives outside pass by, as if on a far-off movie screen. People living their lives all with hopes and dreams.  Yet here I am. Adrift. Aimless. Hurting without pain.  A spectral mist;  insubstantial in body and purpose.  […]

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