300 seedlings

Wow!Is it a miracle?Is it an accomplishment?I don’t know.But it is a surprise.My 300th poem.300 seedlingsof thoughts and feelingsto soothe my own soulto flush out the painand perhapshelps others through their own journeysby provoking their thoughtsor letting them knowthey are not so alone. All startedthrough the most beautiful soulthrough the most beautiful musethrough nurture and […]

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Stand out

You are beautiful Blooming Full of life and sparkles You shine with your own glow Full of life and colour And though surrounded By beauteous others You were born to stand out Stand proud And shine.

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The Old Wall

Decayingyet still strongyour mortar falling outfallen outjoints bare in places. A world in miniatureif viewing with my head on one side.A landscape of lichensgreen, grey and brown.Small plantsrooty toes dug deep in your creviceseking a lifesomehow finding waterand food to thrivewhere others would fail. Some of your faces,individual bricks,shale off their skins,smooth flakes falling to […]

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LinedLived inLived Experiencestriumphsfailureslearningetched on our bodies. A map of our pastno keybut a pictureof a life livedin creases and texture. A beauty to be viewedand perhaps feltas each furrowand linespeaks a storyan emotiona memoryto be seenand understoodif time is given. For timea causean answerto the creatorof every stunning and unique lineetched in to the canvasby […]

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