How remarkable you are!Your song, so sonorous and evocativethat when I hear youI have tostop.And listen.A moment of silence,filled only by your choral creativity. And then I look into the sky,determined to find you,even though you fly so high,a small speck above. More often than notI can spot you.And wonder how something so smallcan fill […]

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Concentric Feathers

As if a pebbledropped from highon to the lawnof green trimmed grassthe concentric ripplesof featherslay flatand still. A circleof featherswith a spacea holein the middleas if with a softpoooofthe bird has explodedscatteringits fine raimentoutward. What happened?Who knows?A Fox?A bird of prey?The cat from nearby? The bird now gonefood to sustain.A memoryfrom the world.Being gone.Substantialityno more. […]

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The Gardener’s Friend

So much more than an adornment on a Christmas card.  You are the gardener’s friend. Robin robbing my attention, away from  the weeding, digging and pruning.  A feeling of being watched. Not malevolent, simply interested.  I look up; and there you are, sat on the pot, legs so dainty I wonder how they hold you up.  Red or orange breast Glowing; thrust out in pride. Gentle movements, as […]

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Feathers floored

  Lying, still.  Breeze ruffling the lightest of feathers; the small bird, deceased on the grass at peace.  I gaze at the blues and hues of your plumage; a chance to be close to the beauty normally kept at a distance.  What life did you lead? What family left behind?  No more trills and music will ever be heard from the tiny throat to cheer the day, and welcome […]

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