Curl, you call!

Above the curls of brackenBeyond the sea grassthat waves and shimmersin the oceans breezelike the sea itselfthat strokesand caressesthe dunes edgeThere’s the rising callof the lone Curlewwhistling for your attentioncrying for you to joinits companyamong the shallowsto wadeand feedand beand perhapstake flightbeside itand fly togetherabove the breakersin a glorious duetof song and salta seasonal chorussprinkled […]

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They are returningfrom their winter in the Southhonking and braying overheadV’s in the skyskein after skein passing bywith the whoosh of pounding wings. The shapes and lines flowjoining and splittingmerging and breaking apartas the lead flyer tiresand another takes over. There always seems to be oneat the backcatching upshouting to themselvesto motivate forwardson what must […]

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Why so cross?Bobbing on spindly legstail held highChipping and chinkingtalking and shoutingoutraged at the world. The WrenJenny-wrenCalled Troglodytebut why?No cave holds youbut maybealways seen aloneand so,reclusive you are. Beautiful in your browns and creamsDelicate yet strongPersonality overflowswith your shouting. I’m sorry I disturbed youthough I don’t know how.You hop on the walland chitlike two pebblesclacked […]

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The Silent Call

The dark of the night is no barrier to the pair bond felt by both.  Their call carries across the land; somehow clear amongst the other sounds from the dark.  Hunting apart, yet knowing where the other is, calling in reassurance that all is well.  Silent in the stillness. Hidden from view. Watching and waiting, until the next cry: twit from one, twoo from the other. 

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Clicking and crackling, more like speech and electricity than a song, you call and chat to each other.  Your feathers often deemed black. But no; look closer: iridescent greens and blues: shining, shifting, like oil on water.  Starling: star and ling.  Like a star, sparkling: bright specks against a dark sky.  Like ling, hardy and coloured your bright beak glows; sharp like a rapier.  So, chat all you like, converse in tongues, as if a secret message on an untuned radio.  […]

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