The Power of ‘de’

Clutterall consumingof spacein the roomin the buildingin the mind.Noise so loudit swamps all thoughtnever to be forgotteneven if tried to be ignored. A weightdragging the airthe souldown to the abyss.Shoulders slumpedfrom carrying its burden. The wantingthe needing to sortto organiseand yet no actionas the weightand noiseequals inertia. A place of stucknesseven helplessness.A physical barrierto the […]

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Yes you sustain lifebut you are so much more.You can be a sharp inhalationof shockof fearof surpriseof excitement. You can be a shudderof sadnessof releaseof exhaustionof passion. You can be deep and longto calmto relaxto groundto centre. Now as you read these wordsbreathe in andholdholdlisten to your heart beatnow breathe outlet it goand rejoicein your […]

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The woman by the pond

She sits by the water looking peaceful cross legged facing the sun and the reflections dancing across the pond. What brought her here? I’d love to ask. In fact I wouldn’t! Her thoughts are her own. What I’d love to do is join her to sit beside and connect, to join and absorb some of […]

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I am reborn Renewed Free Free from the shackles That held me down for decades Held me back The weight lifted From my shoulders Heart lightened Open to new choices And new experiences World changing From greys To colour I am a seedling A sproutling Feet in new compost Drinking deeply From a new earth. […]

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