Cloud silence

When the world is spinningtoo fast and too farand the voices rant and ravein the ravaged silence of my soulwould you lie with me and just watch the clouds? When my heart gets brokenand tears flow from its cracksand I’m lostin a life that doesn’t understand mewould you lie with me and just watch the […]

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Giant Jellies

Giant jellies float across the landscape stretching before me. The earth beneath my feet damp from the recent downpour joined by by the wholesome scent of soil and plants and life. Far off the huge jellyfish continue to wend their way through the blue sky each separate yet moving in unison. The bodies of their […]

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Feet in the Clouds

I look downbeyond my legsat the cloudsand vastness of skystretching awayand the crisp leavesthe smell of damp earthbrushes the top of my heada low ceilingof earthy vegetation. The branchesswaying and creakingbeneath memaking my floorshimmer and shakeas if an earth quakemoves everything but me. Leaves float upwardspassing my feetand rising past my faceLazily waftingand wiggling away. […]

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Candyfloss Cumulus

Puffs of pink. Rolling balls of cottonwool float  in the distance, in the early morning sky; the sun not yet up.  But its presence is felt in the choral dawn, as those candyfloss clouds tinged from beneath with a roseate blush prepare to welcome the day through the mist in the meadow; long grasses reaching; stretching up, as if grasping for the cumulus treats that look close enough to touch.  The sky […]

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Cumulus Terra Firma

Small cumulus clouds  move languidly across the landscape;  long shadows cast,  as they move across the morning sun.  Singles and groups.  Forming patterns against terra firma. Pale tufts and dark shadows on the tapestry of green.  The host of ovine clouds ebb and flow, as the minutes ooze by; grazing safely in the confines of the field.  The blend of bleats and the eating of grass serenades […]

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Peaks Above

A cold wind blows, eyes watering, breath catching beneath an azure sky.  Rock at my feet, as I stand atop the lovely peak.  Boulders and scree edge away, sloping down to the shores, not of water  but of cloud.  Below me a sea of billowing white. I’m surrounded by this ocean, but not alone.  The distance reveals more, more islands amongst the waves: other mountains tall enough to […]

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