Stretchtwistclickcracklemovementmoving your bodyflexingbendingswayinganything to feel tight muscles softenrelaxtautness leavingmalleablesimply moving somehowno repetitionletting goallowing the body and mind to flex and dance its own dancewith the joy of release.

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Teasel tease

Lightness in my handspikyprickly to toucha sculptureswaying in the breezenow stillsheltered in my palman insects havenof webs of silkgolden headsa field of weaving conesdelicate in visionbut firm and structuredchiselled velcrocatching the skinalmost sticky in feelingthough dryas a desiccated twigMoving my handit sways once againwaving to its neighboursjoining the pendulum danceteasing the windseeming to be takenin […]

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Dance with me

The stars our chandelier as we sway to the music. I hold you closeyour arms around me. I can smell your hairyour head tucked under my chinyour chest against mineour hearts beat togetherholding to the rhythmof the music that surrounds us. The slight soundof the material of our clothesbrushing against each other.A testament to our […]

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Dancing in the Moonlight

Moon shadows flit as we dance in the moonlight, the stars our chandelier.  Illumination subtle; twitching and shimmering, as we move to a song only we can hear.  Held close, swaying, spinning, feet moving through the sounds of the night.  An orchestra of owls and deer, badgers and skittering creatures.  The eve’s breeze  ruffles clothing; adding movement to the flow.  No words. No chorus.  Just dance, in time, as one, in time, under […]

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The beat. The thrum. The music. Takes you off to unknown places.  Body moving. Head nodding. Stillness in the moment. Letting go.  Lost in the thump. The rhythm. Another state. Another place.  Alone in the moment, yet feeling connected to a wider, larger universe. One where sound and rhythm rule.  Heart pumping, as limbs move. No set dance. No pre-agreed moves. Just movement.  Eyes closed.  The calm of ecstasy, as the beat builds. Rising you to that moment. Holding […]

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