Faithful Doubt

A lesson to learnas I question faithas I question the spiritas I question Godas I look for certainty of existenceof evidence of existenceof evidence of prayerof evidence of certainty. The lesson that’s landingis that the evidence may not mattermay not existshouldn’t existthat the evidence of certain is uncertainand thereinperhapslies the faith I seek. The opposite […]

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I want to believe

Doubts pervadegnaw awayquestions upon questionsoptimistic pessimismpessimistic optimismopen doors closeclosed doors open. Do I?Can I?Should I?Who am I? I don’t want to believe what I want to believe,I simply want to believe.

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I’ll wait for you

“I’ll wait for you“ You’ve said before but you didn’t. You turned your back and faced another. “I’ll wait for you“ So you say now but why should I believe after the broken promises of the past. Promises broken. Trust broken. I’ll wait for you and I will because I don’t break promises. But it […]

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Priest on the Bench

Autumn stillnesscrisp blue skydampness heldin the grassbeneath my feet.The air cooland stillon the cuspof clouded breathbut not quite. The churchwelcomingdespite the greyness of it’s stonesurroundedby peaceful gravesand meadow. I sit on the benchmug of coffeeclasped between handsfacing the smilethe welcomethe glowof the Priestas she listens to my talemy thoughtsmy questionsnot to respondnot to fixbut to […]

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