Nothing left

I have nothing left No energy No beans No glow No rythm As Bilbo said “I feel like too little butter Spread over too much bread.” Chronic fatigue robbed my life Of the colour it used to have Now six weeks of hacking cough Of strained ribs Of so little sleep That I’m now translucent […]

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PersistentConstant Fatigueand pain. So deepand permanentit intrudes on every moment. Both awakeand asleep. Each second Each decision Coloured with the effortthe fightthe understandingthat every movementhas consequences.Will be paid forthrough exhaustionand pain. Yet I smile onwear the mask of normalas people don’t want to knowor understand. If I workor runI mustn’t be Illmust be faking. If […]

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The battle

Exhaustion Runs through my veins Fatigue so chronic It feels at a cellular level Ingrained Never to improve As I sit looking out At the grey skies And cold winds and the battle rages Between The bone sapping weariness Fuelled with fatigue filled tears And the want The need To go outside and run To […]

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Lead Limbs

Arms and legs don’t belong to me, yet attached to my body: leaden, adrift.  No movement without concentration. Even then in slow motion; like watching  from another’s point of view.  Look!  The fingers are moving but could be anyone’s but mine: clumsy, grip failing, feet flop, tripping, stumbling like a robot taking its first steps, whilst its battery, its power source is in the red; single digits of percentage left.  Eyeballs moving but not the […]

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ALL consuming, mind numbing exhaustion.  Not just tiredness.  Yes, we all get tired. But this fatigue never leaves. Never lets go.  Everything becomes a decision.  One thing or another; pick up the mug for a drink, or go to the loo.  Get up to grab a book, or put the washing on.  No energy for it all.  Choices followed by choices.  Leaden limbs. Head full of fog. Effort.  Every movement takes effort.  But […]

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