Treading earth

Sensationstouch my soletouch my soulbare feettreading the earthbeneath the blue sky. Mindfully walkingcareful placementaround twigs and stonesand ridged soil. Stand stillto face the sunwarmth dissolving tensiontoes clenchgrasping the dirtsenses engagingto experience the moment. Moving once againnot heel to toebut forefoot firstacross the hard surface then changes softnessdampmy feet sink down. Earth between my toesSquishySquidgya delicious […]

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Feet on the wall

I love a bath,the hot water and bubbles soothingthe aches,the pains,the stresses of the day away. Aromatic steamrisingand billowinginto the cool air. The heat seeping into my bones,making my eyes close. Perhaps a treat alongside;time of day depending:a sensual hot chocolate to warm within,or a gin and tonic to tingle the tongue. A rest,a sigh,a […]

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Breezy feet

Snug in my cocoon,toasty at last.Sleeping bag enveloping,hugging;warm through to my bones. Then a change,A chill at the toes.Coolness around the feet;how come,this is a sleeping bag? Running my fingers down the outside of the zip.Nail clicking down the teeth.Zip fully closed,so no gap.Yet…How can my hand be holding my bare foot? Frowning brow.Light flicked […]

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Down at the Stars

I stand, looking down by my feet at the stars below me: scattered throughout the dark firmament.  So bright they glow and beam whites and silvers, golds and yellows directly to my retinas; making me blink at their beauty.  I can see from my lofty place far off and tiny spaceships visiting these stars: docking and pausing – then moving on.  A hive of movement and trade beneath […]

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