The greatest Stitch

Delicate and petitethe Snapdragons dance in the breezeshakingpartying beneath the hedgerowtentatively stretchingsneakingout in to the field beyond. Five petalsdeeply notchedelongated heartsall meetingin a glorious golden heart. Lush spring growtha green night skyfilled with the Stars-of-Bethlehemtwinklingheraldingthe buzzing beeswafting butterfliesand zooming hoverflies.Early nectarfor those hungry to seekheld in the tiniest of wedding cakes. I can’t but helpto […]

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Stand out

You are beautiful Blooming Full of life and sparkles You shine with your own glow Full of life and colour And though surrounded By beauteous others You were born to stand out Stand proud And shine.

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Trumpets blare

The world vibratesto the cacophonyof the blaring trumpetsas their notes crescendoto the welcoming of spring. The orchestra plays it’s musicthroughout nature’s theatreamongst the woodlands and hedgerowsas the bugles sing. No brass for this ensemblefilled with trumpets of whitesbluesand yellows.The multitude of flowersplay the symphonyonly they can hear.

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Daisy Daisy

Give me your answer dobut what is the questionI should be asking you? You follow the winter, the snowdrops at prayer now gonereplaced by you,saluting the sunwith your cheery yellow centre; white petals open to all. They call you a weed, yet what is that really?A plant in the wrong place?! Yet how can it […]

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Down at the Stars

I stand, looking down by my feet at the stars below me: scattered throughout the dark firmament.  So bright they glow and beam whites and silvers, golds and yellows directly to my retinas; making me blink at their beauty.  I can see from my lofty place far off and tiny spaceships visiting these stars: docking and pausing – then moving on.  A hive of movement and trade beneath […]

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Imagine a photograph: a moment captured, still yet full of movement; multiple bursts of white and pink blooms high in the night sky.  Now  look at the hedgerows around you in Spring and see that same moment captured; the same bursts and blooms of whites pinks and reds.  Thousands. Exploding in the Spring sun.  Imagine if you could hear those bursts: the crackle, the giggles, the laughter of joy from the trees, as […]

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