Blue moon

Once in a blue moonsomeone will enter your lifewho changes it for ever.Like footprints on the moonthe marks stay with you for ever.I simply hope for youthat the marksare the touches of the gentlest loveand not the scars of hurt. Once in a blue moonsomeone will enter your lifewho changes it forever.Be open to their […]

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Footprints in the Sand

Damp sandbetween toessalt waterwashing the grains offthen back on again. We walk togetherhand in handfeeling the warmththrough our palms. Peacesilencesolitudetwo walking as one. Salty airinhaled. Sounds of the shoreabsorbed. Every stepin unisonnot marchingsimplybecause of connectionof being. A moment sharedwith a squeezeof the hand. A messageof knowing. In the next step my hand goes coldand the […]

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Crust on the Mud

It’s cold out there.  A hard frost arrived with the morning sun; a light summer blanket of white rather than a thick duvet of snow.  Puddles now empty beneath a roof of thin ice, criss-crossed with triangles and polygons, lines and swirls.  A tap of a wellied toe sends small shards falling.  What yesterday was a path of mud; an ever-widening motorway of boot […]

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Footprints in the snow

Who passed this way before I arrived?  Prints in the snow, indentations and hollows leading away, across the field: large feet, small feet, step by step.  Some straight, others meandering. Some with purpose, striding along. Some scuffed and flattened.  What lives do they have? What was being said, as they walked in the cold between the dark tufts of grass poking through the crystalline white.  What purpose do […]

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