She is in mid flightthe beautiful girlflown from the coupthat trapped her for so long. Not yet landedshe flits and hopsthrough the boxes and bagsthat hold everythingfrom that previous life. A new homeis out there somewherea new haven to land onto land inand rest those weary wingsthat have been flapping for so longthat are exhaustedwith […]

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Beaming in the Dark

A dark subdued world. A woodland at night.  Feet falling along the path. Breath heavy, but not laboured.  An owl hoots, rustles in the blackness. Muffled sounds only the night can form.  I run into the tunnel.  The beam of light from my head torch a narrow world of vision, an avenue of quiet life rolling toward me like a conveyer belt, ever moving.  Ghosts of […]

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I’m just me

I cry to the world, lifted on thermals, rising from the lake: wings outstretched, tail feathers splayed.  Minute adjustments,  as I circle, lazily, effortlessly, above the ever-decreasing landscape.  So high the curvature of the earth is revealed to me.  They call me Buzzard. But to me, I’m just me.   Living. And, for the moment, soaring in the Spring air, revelling in the freedom.  And there below me, lying in […]

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What you can’t see

Isn’t it funny, if you think about it, that despite the power it can hold and the damage it can cause that you can’t see the wind?  Something invisible, yet can move buildings and land and entire seas.  We can only ever see it passing: in the movement of the trees; in the floating of flotsam, carried in its eddies, and the scudding of the […]

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Moon reflection

I stare at the moon And wonder Are you looking up at it too? Are you thinking of me too? Are you feeling the draw of the magnets? The pulling of the threads? And wondering Of The life lost The future changed forever The dreams torn asunder In the moment of the fateful decision I […]

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Guilded Cage

It’s nearly done.  My purpose, my role perhaps to unlock and support; to open, to free the captured bird from its gilded cage.  Too long pinioned, held down, locked in.  Walls of beauty; a house to make a life but not a home: a façade, a mask for others to see  from the outside.  Golden bars in place, but unseen by many. Seen and ignored by others.  The bird’s wings […]

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Taking Flight

  Today is one of those days, maybe for you too, where the pain in my joints and fatigue in my muscles is simply too much.  Living, existing, getting through the day without screaming and swearing, without weeping, without crawling to a dark corner, takes every effort, every ounce of energy you don’t even possess.  It’s on days like this  where I take flight, leave my decrepit […]

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