Be careful

Be carefulwho you push awaywho you force back who you hurt just one more time. Because it’s the real oneswho won’t come back.

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Behind you

In most peoples livesthere are those individualswho smile before youyet snarl behind you.Who hold your handyet try to trip you. Remove them from your life. You don’t needthat kind of stressas they suck the energystraight from your soul Not always easy to do.Not always easy to spot.For sometimesit’s the nicest of peoplewho are full of […]

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The friend’s friend

There’s nothing I’m so thankful for as the friend of my friend. Someone who is there for them when I can’t be. Someone I wish I could thank for being my friends rock when I can’t be. Someone who can hold their hand when I’m not within reach. Yes indeed. It settles my soul when […]

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The Gardener’s Friend

So much more than an adornment on a Christmas card.  You are the gardener’s friend. Robin robbing my attention, away from  the weeding, digging and pruning.  A feeling of being watched. Not malevolent, simply interested.  I look up; and there you are, sat on the pot, legs so dainty I wonder how they hold you up.  Red or orange breast Glowing; thrust out in pride. Gentle movements, as […]

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