Women on the wire

Water flowsover rock and gravelbeneath the bluest of cold skiessurroundedby the bird songlost in the burble of the waterand the laughter of the friends. The cable stretches across the riverold yet taughtold box seatunmovinglost to the rustby the far bank. They pulledthey pushedheaving a stationary tug of warbut nothing movedother than their feet and hearts. […]

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Many peoplehave many people in their lives. There are friends There are best friends There are lovers There are haters There are the meek There are the bullies There are the families There are those who are there for youwhen you don’t even know it. And there is that one. That one person who willno […]

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Fern friends

High up Away from the earth Away from the places Of moss and damp Where they normally dwell Are the Fern friends Toes deep amongst the bricks and mortar Atop the highest chimney. Fronds adrift in the wind That whistles through the leafless trees They wave and dance As if to a tune Only they […]

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Little Ones

A boy and a girl, but that matters not; gender irrelevant when two souls are lost in adventure, imagination, play, creating lives and stories, quests without end, one leading to another: running, skipping, then stillness.  Watching the clouds. Just being together.  Crickets in the grass, birds in the trees.  Then up again: dancing, climbing, hanging upside down, challenging each other, little fun tests, laughter and giggles, sometimes tears and hugs, playtime then calm time.  A simple holding of the […]

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