Growing discomfort

To complete a challenge you’ve never done beforefeels uncomfortable. To leave a safe jobbut that sucks at your soulis uncomfortable. To say nowhen you’d really rather not is uncomfortable. To leave a toxic relationshipwhen you are scared of being aloneis uncomfortable. To admit your mistakesyour failuresis uncomfortable. To say enough is enoughwhen you have nothing […]

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The seed

Still, in the palm of my hand.Dormant, unmoving, waiting.Full:of potential,of life. Ready for the alchemy to begin:of earth and water,food and air,warmth and sunlight. Such a small capsule of matter can grow structures so large I can’t reach the top;housing thousands of creatures in your boughs.Or, you could growand swellinto somethingthat could sustain me. When […]

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Learning through pain

Pain is painful Obvious but true None want it But it happens anyway Caused by ourselves Caused by others Physical pain That bleeds and scars Emotional pain That bites deeply And yes scars too. We have to fall To get back up Have to get lost To change direction Reach the bottom Before climbing up. […]

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Be dough

To live to grow takes work. Like dough repetitive actions combine And stretch And mould. Too dry is no good. Too wet is no good. The key is time and patience to achieve and be elastic and stretchy malleable and flexible. However at times the work must stop. Be like dough to rise properly There […]

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Singing Seedlings

Cold compost, in barren pots.  A slow start.  Clear skies. Hard frosts.  Seeds waiting: hoping,  for warming, and dampness, to thrive.  Watered from cans but only to maintain; still not enough to swell and grow.   Some have sprouted. Small seedlings: tentative. Peeping into the wider world but stunted, waiting: for heat, and sun,  and rain to dance in.  Finally, today, a storm, high winds; leaves and debris dancing in crazy swirls.  Seedlings low; hunkering  beneath the […]

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