300 seedlings

Wow!Is it a miracle?Is it an accomplishment?I don’t know.But it is a surprise.My 300th poem.300 seedlingsof thoughts and feelingsto soothe my own soulto flush out the painand perhapshelps others through their own journeysby provoking their thoughtsor letting them knowthey are not so alone. All startedthrough the most beautiful soulthrough the most beautiful musethrough nurture and […]

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Strings of pearls

Looking down at the mud flowing over my feet. The brown gloop sodden and swirling coldness seeping through. Shoulder back I look up to the fog that surrounds me through the arching boughs of the Dogwoods and Buckthorns that trail and droop above. Each whip like branch lined with silver droplets left by the mist […]

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On a knife’s edge

A tight ropewould be bliss compared to the lineI have to walk. Stepby tentative stepmy feet slicedby the edge of the bladeI have to walk. Each sideholds a dropin to darkness. So where’s the choicebut to move forwardthe knife cutting deeper into the soles of my feetinto the sole of my soulas the weight of […]

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The Missing Mirror

Do you miss someone? Miss them so much the ache stems from your bones from your heart from your soul. Where all you can think of is spending a moment with them in their company. Perhaps holding them close. Perhaps simply looking in to their eyes or sitting by them feeling their warmth and presence. […]

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