As I sat yesterday In a queue of cars A woman caught my eye Late fifties At a guess. Not a beauty Not in bright clothes Not sashaying to be noticed But because She walked Hands in pockets Head down In a world of her own. So why? Why did she stand out? Because As […]

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Have you everlooked at a leaftruly lookedand ponderedon its miracles? Go on!Pop outsideand pick up a leafone that grabs your attentionone that calls to youand asks to be held. A single leafa factorybuilt every yearfrom nothingto light absorbingoxygen formingCO2 digestingcapabilities. Simple cellscollected togetherin a myriad of shapesand coloursboth largeand small. Veins and compartmentslike the back […]

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Letting go

Watching the leaves Shake and quiver Autumn colours Shimmering in the wind Some falling Frenetic path To the ground Others holding on Even when They look like they shouldn’t. But who’s holding who? Is the leaf Clinging to twig Trying not to fall Or is the tree Holding the leaf For too long When the […]

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Autumn Frieze

The aircrisp and freshas if you could take a biteand relishthe coolnessof the breath. The crunchand rustleof the fallen leavesas you move through the woods.Wending your wayamong the wooden columns.A landscapeof fluttering brownsreds and tansas more golden tree flakesfall like gentle snow. Now imagineif you willof freezing time.The leaves pausingmid airwind stilledand you can walk […]

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Granted tree wishes

It’s the time of yearWhen the leaves fallAs the treesBegin their slumberThrough the long dark months As you walkBeneathThe boughsSlowly becoming baldAs they shedTheir vegetative feathersLook upAnd watch As the leaves float downLike ochreAnd tan flakesOf snowOn a still day. OnceYou’ve had your fillOf the peaceHeldWithin the drifting movementBe readyTo leapAnd pounceTo catchA leaf As […]

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Dance with me

Come and playand dancein the airso crispand freshsings the windto the leaves Let me lift you upin to my eddiesand whirl you roundto spinand playin a murmurationof autumn colours Come fly with mein a joyful journeyup in to the skyto floatand flutteras if you’ll never returnand stayadrift in the heavens But for nowI’ll let you […]

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