The patchof soilof dirtbare earthan island among the green sea. Look closerand see it’s colours browns of all huesreds and even golds. Look closerin to the crevassesto the depthsand see the crystalsblinking from the powdersat your feet. Look closerand a new world appearsof the tiniest of creatures now largescurryinglivingexploringperhaps hidingfrom the face that now peers […]

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30 minutes

Who is that personwho can change your life?who has changed your life?who could change your life? Who is that personthat would make you feel wholeeven if for your last moments on Earth?When you would feelthat you needed nothing morethan to be beside them. If you only had 30 minutes to liveand you could spend that […]

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Fall, Reframe, Renew

Stormswindschaosthen calmthe aftermathwhen the world suddenly falls silentand those who’ve hunkered downemergefaces pensiveto see the new world. Trees downviolent and tornsome shattered mid trunkas if exploded from within.Others laid flatroots exposedsoil piled upleaving a crater behind. At first sightthe woods and hedgerowslook like a battlegroundperhaps devastated and uglyfrom the brown and green beauty they once […]

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Life on the range

Life is a range A massif A land of topography. Peaks of triumph Where the views astound. Flat plains of routine Sometimes a slog Repetitive Yet surrounded By the promise of hills to climb. Then there are the deep valleys Of darkness and struggle Taking every effort To clamber back up In to the sun. […]

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Broken Ladder

Life like a ladder The earlytentative stepsLow and gentleRung after rungStretching out aboveReaching in to the cloudsAnd out of view. As I growI climb higherTallerStep by step. Sometimes I slipAnd fall a few rungsBut climb back upMore carefully this time. SometimesI remember to pauseAnd see the viewAnd rememberHow far I’ve come. Higher stillBut nowI have […]

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A line to life:a chord, thread, rope. A linkto what? To life:a new life, a safe life. A line.On one end is you.On the other? Who knows,or dares to dream? But whatever awaits,if it is a lifelinethen it’s a link, to safety.That’s its purpose:to save,to prevent you from perishingin the challenging environment. A lifeline allows […]

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Passing Ships

They spokeOf sortsAcross the vast ocean Both shipsMoving through wavesWhether stillAs a mill pondOr tempestuous seasThey travelled their wayDoing their workAlways knowingThe position of the otherA blipA small lightOn their radar.  Sometimes they could seeAcross the seaAnd wave with their wavesAnd say Hi For a moment Sometimes thick fogQuietened their chatterAnd though they knewThe other was […]

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