I loved you the best I could

I hope one daythough I will never see you again,that you look backat me with heart. That you remember meas someone who truly wanted a futurewhen I pictured you by my side. I hope you’ll remember meas someonewho loved you the best I could.Even if it wasn’t alwayswhat you wanted or needed. I hope you’ll […]

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Be honest!

Stop your scrollingyour clickingyour internal chatter. Stop trying to get everything doneand achieve perfection. Answer one question for me. Are you ok? Be honest! If you answered, no! Know that you are loved.If by no one else,then by me. I love you!I’m proud of you!Keep going!

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Mate met

One dayyou’ll meet someonewho makes you realise there was never anything wrong with you. One dayyou’ll have immediate connection with anotherand feel a love so deepthat you doubt you’ve ever loved before. One dayyou’ll finally realisewhat love truly means,what all the songs were about,and what it means to feel complete. Be patientdon’t rush inyou’ll know […]

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Have you eaten today?

Such a powerful questionsomething I’ve been askedand yet I missed it’s understanding. I took it at face valuethat I was being pushedto look after myselfto maintain nutritionto function as a human being. But I missed it. I missed the real meaning. I misunderstood. Now I see it for how it was meantI see it for […]

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Empty Jug

That friendhaving a tough timeneeds your earneeds your timeyour help. Pour them a glass of your love. That strangerlost in the worldneeds directionsneeds support. Pour them a glass of your love. That beetlestuck on its backlegs whirling unable to rightneeds your momenta helping hand. Pour them a glass of your love. Those people on the […]

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Grief The sorrowThe blacknessOf missing another. Though painful Let’s reframeand consider griefas unexpressed love. Sentimentsand feelingsthat you now can’t sharewith the one you loved.For they are no longer thereTo seeTo holdTo be withTo talk toTo share silence withAll the thingsyou so wish you could share The momentsThe experiences in lifeNo matter how smallThat you’d have […]

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The Chasm

He stands on the edge The chasm before him And afar On the opposite side She sits Surrounded by the tools She needs to set off On her tough adventure He shouts and waves He cheers and weeps His support for her success Depending on the fickle winds She hears some of the words Looking […]

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