Your competitor

Striving for more Not wealth But to be better To improve To be the better me More than I was Battling the demons The voices in my head That hold me back That say I’m not enough Not worth it. Always competing for dominance One voice Fighting another A tug of war Between worth and […]

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Three filters

Words hold such power To bolster and encourage To belittle and hurt A yes can build up And change lives A no can destroy And remove a future. Meanings lost Misunderstood Misheard Intent unlanded Amongst the noise Of the verbal vortex So be careful what you say Match the language Between you and the other […]

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Silently screaming

The worldjust nowis overwhelming. An ever changing virusHateful speechesWars over dwindling resourcesGlobal disastersFlooding and fire. I feel lostinerthelplessthat any action I takeis smallerthan a drop in the ocean.Not even noticedLost in the noiseand chaosof this wild world. So why do I bother? Why not give up?When my reactionmy wishis to hide awayand hopethat it all […]

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The Key

A keyalonewithout a home. Where are you from?What do you open?What secretsdo you hidefrom view? So many possibilities existwhen I hold youin my hand. You could open a boxwhich hides small delights. Maybe a door to another worldwhere new stories await.  All this can be possibleas I hold you,just a small piece of metal:shaped,precise;made for […]

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