Blue moon

Once in a blue moonsomeone will enter your lifewho changes it for ever.Like footprints on the moonthe marks stay with you for ever.I simply hope for youthat the marksare the touches of the gentlest loveand not the scars of hurt. Once in a blue moonsomeone will enter your lifewho changes it forever.Be open to their […]

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The moon and the sun

The moon Alight In the dark of the night A sentinel Shepherding The myriad of stars As they graze Across the vast prairie Of the blackness. And slowly It puts to bed Each shining light One by one As the sun Begins to peep Around the Earth. Bright Whole Warming The sun Begins to brighten […]

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The Missing Mirror

Do you miss someone? Miss them so much the ache stems from your bones from your heart from your soul. Where all you can think of is spending a moment with them in their company. Perhaps holding them close. Perhaps simply looking in to their eyes or sitting by them feeling their warmth and presence. […]

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Moon reflection

I stare at the moon And wonder Are you looking up at it too? Are you thinking of me too? Are you feeling the draw of the magnets? The pulling of the threads? And wondering Of The life lost The future changed forever The dreams torn asunder In the moment of the fateful decision I […]

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