Fern forest

Fronds in motioneven when stilluncurling in a roar of silenceexpanding and growingspreading across the scree slope. Beneath the spreading boughsof stunted mountain oaksthe small forest of fernsclings between the rocksroots digging deepas they drink from the earthand the miststhat roll off the deep, dark lake. For the momentthey glowwith the green vibrancyonly ferns can deliverfeather […]

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The Hills Holler

The hillsthe fellsthe mountainsare holleringshoutingbeckoningfor me to join them.Too long has it beensince my feetand bare handshave touched stoneand rockthat reaches deepinto the earth.Mountain grassesboth coarse and softwave from afarto welcome me to the heightsin wind and rainsun and soundof Ravens and Pipitsconversing on the masif.The world in the cloudshas a place just for mewhere […]

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Life on the range

Life is a range A massif A land of topography. Peaks of triumph Where the views astound. Flat plains of routine Sometimes a slog Repetitive Yet surrounded By the promise of hills to climb. Then there are the deep valleys Of darkness and struggle Taking every effort To clamber back up In to the sun. […]

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Peaks Above

A cold wind blows, eyes watering, breath catching beneath an azure sky.  Rock at my feet, as I stand atop the lovely peak.  Boulders and scree edge away, sloping down to the shores, not of water  but of cloud.  Below me a sea of billowing white. I’m surrounded by this ocean, but not alone.  The distance reveals more, more islands amongst the waves: other mountains tall enough to […]

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