You’d keep running

The demons claw from withingnashing teethdrooling obscenities talons raking on bone. The screams belittle and hurtThe gurgles reverberate with painAnd the colours swirlin the chaos of nauseating movement. I appreciate you asking me what I’m thinking. I know you care, asking if I’m ok. I wish I could explain I wish I could show youI […]

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The cruellest irony

Thoughts start Thoughts spin Never ending Emotions churn Heart broken Torn Cracked Nauseated vortex Spiralling confliction A cruellest irony When the only person Who could make you feel whole Who could make you feel better Is also the reason You’re in pain.

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Damaged kindness

I am damageddamaged goodsbrokenand that’s why I do my bestto treat others with kindnessto do kind actsthink kind thoughtsand give back to the world. Because I know what it’s like to feel worthlessto feel pain and untouched. It’s because of thisthe people who are the saddestand most beaten downare often those who’ll do the most […]

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Chronic fire

Painchronicmy world on firethorns and glass shardsgrate between my skin and fleshwithout me even moving. Nothing helpsno painkillers touchor sootheas the grit under my skin flows around my bodysending wraith-like fingersspikey tendrilsin to my jointsrandomlykeeping me guessingso I don’t even have time to tenseor flinchas the all out assault on my body continues. Clothes touching […]

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Cloud silence

When the world is spinningtoo fast and too farand the voices rant and ravein the ravaged silence of my soulwould you lie with me and just watch the clouds? When my heart gets brokenand tears flow from its cracksand I’m lostin a life that doesn’t understand mewould you lie with me and just watch the […]

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Learning through pain

Pain is painful Obvious but true None want it But it happens anyway Caused by ourselves Caused by others Physical pain That bleeds and scars Emotional pain That bites deeply And yes scars too. We have to fall To get back up Have to get lost To change direction Reach the bottom Before climbing up. […]

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Bruised So deeply none can see. So deeplythe hurt is hiddeneven almost from yourself Though the weight of itholds you downholds you back Heaviness within.Daily struggle,a burden carried.A paindeeply acute. An ache,a weariness,an anchor of griefhooked up,dug in,ingrainedNever to heal Just lived with,acceptedwith resigned sadnessthat life will never be the same again.Never be seen the […]

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Pain express

Pain Physical Emotional Pain Deep in to your soul Yet what’s different Is how We express How we show And try not to show The pain within. For some It’s hidden Deep in the eyes Only to be seen By those Prepared to look Openly and deeply. And of course There are those Whose pain […]

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Have you ever lost someone? Not simply misplaced but gone forever despite wishing and hoping they we’re still with you. You’ve looked You’ve searched You’ve tried Over and over Seeking in the same places Asking yourself Where were you When you last heard them Where were you When you last saw them What was said […]

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The Chasm

He stands on the edge The chasm before him And afar On the opposite side She sits Surrounded by the tools She needs to set off On her tough adventure He shouts and waves He cheers and weeps His support for her success Depending on the fickle winds She hears some of the words Looking […]

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Imagine, or if you have them handy, grab two bricks; place one on the floor and grind the other into it.  Now, grab some glass and grind the crystals between.  Notice the sounds, the grating, the crunching.  Feel the vibrations through your hands.  Now, imagine that feeling, those sensations, those shards in your joints every time you move.  Not a way to live, to choose.  Yet for some It’s reality.  […]

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Moon reflection

I stare at the moon And wonder Are you looking up at it too? Are you thinking of me too? Are you feeling the draw of the magnets? The pulling of the threads? And wondering Of The life lost The future changed forever The dreams torn asunder In the moment of the fateful decision I […]

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Taking Flight

  Today is one of those days, maybe for you too, where the pain in my joints and fatigue in my muscles is simply too much.  Living, existing, getting through the day without screaming and swearing, without weeping, without crawling to a dark corner, takes every effort, every ounce of energy you don’t even possess.  It’s on days like this  where I take flight, leave my decrepit […]

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