Almost peace

Almost peace. Almost. In this place where my heart stills my breathing slows and I soak up the sights and smells and sounds of the Lakeland evening sun. Yet even here my mind still speaks over itself as the voices argue and confuse; an ever exhausting cacophony. At least here the noise inside is muted […]

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I wish you could sit with mebeside the campfire. Just the two of usalone in the dark faces warmedby the crackling flamesas sparks jump in to the night. Our legs touchour shoulders touchas we huddleby the firesurrounded by the calling owlsand the rustles of creaturesbeyond our light,and the breeze in the trees We feed the […]

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The woman by the pond

She sits by the water looking peaceful cross legged facing the sun and the reflections dancing across the pond. What brought her here? I’d love to ask. In fact I wouldn’t! Her thoughts are her own. What I’d love to do is join her to sit beside and connect, to join and absorb some of […]

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The smell of home

As I drive north Back to the home of my soul Where my heart sings Amongst the rock of Cumbria. The miles roll by Hedgerows and fences Replaced by glorious walls Of dry stone and cobbles. Houses transform From brick to stone From reds to greys. The light fades And darkness falls And my headlights […]

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Learning to sit again

When I was youngI used to just sitand ponderand let thoughts flow by without thinking.Usually up a treeor somewhere else high. Where did that skill go?How did I lose that abilityto stop and drift?When did sittingbecome sitting and thinkingand thinkingand thinkingand thinking some more?Always moving quickly while sitting still. It’s timeto find that place again.To […]

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Lakeland sound

Sitting on a rock Flat Comfortable Back against the wall Deep In the dale of Mose I’m surrounded By the Lakeland fells And for this moment I can close my eyes Shut out The glorious views And let the sounds Envelope me Seep in to my soul So I can absorb My happy place. First […]

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Aboreal waters

I look out across the mirror: still waters,  reflecting the greys of the sky,  like a pool of mercury  within the bounds  of the quarry’s confines  ​The lake is deep now, swollen with the Winter’s storms, home to the honking geese and drifting ducks; a haven for those who find this hidden place, away from the roads well-travelled.  As if sunken in the quicksands of the silver […]

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A Single Grain of Sand

The salt tang in the air. Onshore breeze moving the dune grasses; as waves echoing the sea just moments away.  Sand between my toes as I step through the crystalline landscape; rising and falling  as the dunes stretch before me.  A linear desert trapped between the sea and marshes.  Snipe peep to my left, as egrets wade.  A curlew cries, flying low; skimming the salt laden waves.  My […]

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