Almost peace

Almost peace. Almost. In this place where my heart stills my breathing slows and I soak up the sights and smells and sounds of the Lakeland evening sun. Yet even here my mind still speaks over itself as the voices argue and confuse; an ever exhausting cacophony. At least here the noise inside is muted […]

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The patchof soilof dirtbare earthan island among the green sea. Look closerand see it’s colours browns of all huesreds and even golds. Look closerin to the crevassesto the depthsand see the crystalsblinking from the powdersat your feet. Look closerand a new world appearsof the tiniest of creatures now largescurryinglivingexploringperhaps hidingfrom the face that now peers […]

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You’d keep running

The demons claw from withingnashing teethdrooling obscenities talons raking on bone. The screams belittle and hurtThe gurgles reverberate with painAnd the colours swirlin the chaos of nauseating movement. I appreciate you asking me what I’m thinking. I know you care, asking if I’m ok. I wish I could explain I wish I could show youI […]

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Be a Poppy

In a world of conformityof noiseof speedof bitesize news and sound bites. Where difference is often mockedor even despised. Be like a Poppy! Stand out from the crowd. Grow in ground that’s newly turned. Dance your own dance. Sing your own song. Even if only you can hear it. Show your colours. Stand tall and […]

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One day

I hope one day Someone will come into your lifewho makes the world make sensewho makes you feel complete. That when you look at themyou can see the whole of them. You can see every flawand love every flaw. You can see every imperfectionthat simply adds to their perfection You love how they lookeven When […]

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Be careful

Be carefulwho you push awaywho you force back who you hurt just one more time. Because it’s the real oneswho won’t come back.

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You are not just stressedbecause you are doing too muchdoing too littleworrying about anxietiesanxious about worriescoping with what life is throwing at you. You are most likely stressedbecause you are doing too littleof what makes you feel alivewhat sparks your souland what lights the fire within.

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Do you?

Do you think of me when you close your eyes?Do you see my face behind your eyelids?Do you see my flaws, my pain, my soulin that moment when you blink?Do you see my smile in every day objects?Do you feel my touch with every breath of the wind? You don’t need to answer any of […]

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WeightsBurdensRegretsMemoriesdragging you downholding you backlike walking through treaclefeet sticking in tarleaning in to the storm winds. Yet you go onyou battle throughfight forwardlooking to the worldlike you are ‘fine’that you are copingnot because it’s easybut because you must. Just because you copedoesn’t mean it’s easy.Just because you smiledoesn’t mean all is well.Just because you carry […]

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Come this way

“Come this way”whispered the glowing evening sun. “Fear not the future.Regret not the past.Be in this momentand follow the pathto my warm embrace.”

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30 minutes

Who is that personwho can change your life?who has changed your life?who could change your life? Who is that personthat would make you feel wholeeven if for your last moments on Earth?When you would feelthat you needed nothing morethan to be beside them. If you only had 30 minutes to liveand you could spend that […]

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The Power of ‘de’

Clutterall consumingof spacein the roomin the buildingin the mind.Noise so loudit swamps all thoughtnever to be forgotteneven if tried to be ignored. A weightdragging the airthe souldown to the abyss.Shoulders slumpedfrom carrying its burden. The wantingthe needing to sortto organiseand yet no actionas the weightand noiseequals inertia. A place of stucknesseven helplessness.A physical barrierto the […]

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Lay lines

Not the mystical lines of energybut tracks made by machines across the land. Avenues of greenthrough cropswaving in the breezebeneath the flitting skylarks. Lines to enterlay downlower myselfbeneath the green horizonand look upthrough the fronds now above meinto the blue beyond. Muted soundsvision of the heavensbetween organic curtainspermeated with the scentonly new growth can emit. […]

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The Hills Holler

The hillsthe fellsthe mountainsare holleringshoutingbeckoningfor me to join them.Too long has it beensince my feetand bare handshave touched stoneand rockthat reaches deepinto the earth.Mountain grassesboth coarse and softwave from afarto welcome me to the heightsin wind and rainsun and soundof Ravens and Pipitsconversing on the masif.The world in the cloudshas a place just for mewhere […]

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The cruellest irony

Thoughts start Thoughts spin Never ending Emotions churn Heart broken Torn Cracked Nauseated vortex Spiralling confliction A cruellest irony When the only person Who could make you feel whole Who could make you feel better Is also the reason You’re in pain.

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Sometimes oppressivesometimes peacefulaloneor in company. Silence is stillnessit’s the breathbetween storms. They saysilence is goldenfor me it’s a myriad of coloursnever harsh or glaringbut warminvitingmoments to reflectgrow, learnand most importantlystop.

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Unbreakably broken

Some daysomeone will make you laugh Some daythey’ll make you cry Some day they’ll make you feel special Some day they’ll break you so badly you become unbreakable You are then so strongwith your shield and armouryou can storm any beach before youand live the life you choose.

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You blow and blastbite and burnsolid things can shakeat your powermoveloftflyYou niggle at edgesfinding that loose spotthen wiggle and shake ittill the spot becomes hugethe piece lets goand you carry it off.You can move mountainsover timelifting and letting goIt is your natureto reshape and renewyes destroybut not maliciousNot with anger They say you have furythat […]

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Blue moon

Once in a blue moonsomeone will enter your lifewho changes it for ever.Like footprints on the moonthe marks stay with you for ever.I simply hope for youthat the marksare the touches of the gentlest loveand not the scars of hurt. Once in a blue moonsomeone will enter your lifewho changes it forever.Be open to their […]

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Fern couture

Spirals in the airfrondscurlingcurleduncurlingstill when you lookin movement when you don’t.Terrestrial anemoneswaving in the currents of the breezeas if catching planktonadriftbeing swept bywith the rest of the world. Youngjust starting in lifeunfurlingstretching outgrowing tallerever talleruntila final burstwith a leafy explosiondelicateyet hardy in lifesoaking the sungrounded in earthstanding amongst friendssupportedrarely alonea greenlivingbreathing communityof tiny treestoes curledin […]

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