Boiling water

When the waters of your own seaare boiling and churningyou cannot see your reflectionnor see clearly to its depths. You cannot act clearlywhen you are angryand the storms rage within. Only when the waters calmcan you get clarity;see what’s below,reflect on its reflectionsand act rather than react.

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A silver mirror or muddy brown?   Either way, on a still day you reflect the world above and yet, do you?   When you shimmer in the breeze, or a being has disturbed your slumber, do you truly reflect or represent a different world?   If I put my face to you and lowered […]

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The Mirror

Who is that I see in the mirror? A shadow of who I was…  A skull on a body, sinew and skin.  Muscle absorbed to sustain. Sunken eyes and tight cheeks peer back at me. The shine long gone. Etched with fatigue and pain.  Tight in the corners,  as if clenched against the sun.  Not necessarily old but aged, like driftwood,  worn smooth by the winds of time.  A phantom, drawn […]

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