Shush! Be silentand listen. Not just hearTruly listenNot to respondbut to understand. Stop the outputCease the talk Overuse of your own voicecan make you deaf for there’s nothing to hearbut your own words. So shush! Listen!

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Silent Sty

Silent of swineyet what stories could you tell?How many lives have you seen bornand grown within your walls?How many families have you sustained?Solid of stone, walls and trough.A roof of slatesto keep out the Lakeland rain.Better built than any house todaybuilt to lastto provide shelterand ultimatelysustenance to the caretakers of old. Maybe if I sit […]

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The silence of an old mill

The grinding of stone upon stonegrain ground with gratitudeflour, powder, dust in the airwood creakingwheels turningwater churninghatchways opening and closingsome silentlysome slammingas sacks move up and downempty then full.Voices and shoutslost amongst the tumultbodies bending and heavingspreading grease on axleshefting bounty on shouldersbent beneath the weight. Now silentbut for the running of waterand chirrups of […]

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Sometimes oppressivesometimes peacefulaloneor in company. Silence is stillnessit’s the breathbetween storms. They saysilence is goldenfor me it’s a myriad of coloursnever harsh or glaringbut warminvitingmoments to reflectgrow, learnand most importantlystop.

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Deafening silence

Sometimes you have to stay silent because no words can explain what’s going on in your heart. Sometimes you have to stay silent because the words you wish to speak would hurt others. Sometimes you have to stay silent because if you let the words out they’d never stop. Sometimes you have to stay silent […]

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