Sleep can be a wondrous thing, healing and rejuvenating; allowing the body and mind to rest ready for another day.  But what if it eludes you?  What if sleep doesn’t come and you lie awake, thoughts blurring, whirring like a broken clock; cogs moving too quickly, clicking and rubbing?  Or maybe you do sleep  but never feel like you have; the night passes and you wake to […]

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Sleep tight

No matter where you are Or what you’re doing. When it’s time for slumber and to rest that weary head. Whether you sleep straight away or toss and turn mind racing emotions buzzing Eventually the moment will come when sleep finally takes you. And in that moment I say to you Sleep tight Sleep safe […]

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To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

It’s hotstickya night of no sleepeven the airstilldampsuffocatingno relief. Windows openno reliefjust the whine of insectscaught in the room. And so I decampout the back doorcamp bed set upa sheet to cover Lying backopen to the nightgazing upwardinto a sea of stars.Pin pricks of lightin the black velvet drapeover the world above me. The hoot […]

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sleep come take me

Where are you sleep when I need you?  Lying in the dark: waiting, wishing.  Awake despite the late hour.  Tossing and turning, twisting, writhing.  Then still.  Head full of thoughts, dreams, anxieties, doubts.  Legs moving, a compulsion that won’t leave.  Ignoring the clock; knowing won’t help.  A thump and a plump of the pillow.  Face forward, screaming into the down.  On my back… On my side… On my front…  Legs out of the […]

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