The patchof soilof dirtbare earthan island among the green sea. Look closerand see it’s colours browns of all huesreds and even golds. Look closerin to the crevassesto the depthsand see the crystalsblinking from the powdersat your feet. Look closerand a new world appearsof the tiniest of creatures now largescurryinglivingexploringperhaps hidingfrom the face that now peers […]

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Treading earth

Sensationstouch my soletouch my soulbare feettreading the earthbeneath the blue sky. Mindfully walkingcareful placementaround twigs and stonesand ridged soil. Stand stillto face the sunwarmth dissolving tensiontoes clenchgrasping the dirtsenses engagingto experience the moment. Moving once againnot heel to toebut forefoot firstacross the hard surface then changes softnessdampmy feet sink down. Earth between my toesSquishySquidgya delicious […]

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A field Freshly ploughedStubbleSoftened from the rains Now upturnedAnd buriedBeneath the dampAnd dark earth. The smell Deep and richFull of promiseAnd growth. GroundShaped and texturedFurrows and risesA miniature landscape Of a mountainous region. Atop the ridge before meA mini EverestA clod of earthOf clayAnd minerals Picked upHeldHandledTurned overStudiedWhat is held within?Tiny creaturesOf creaturesAnd mouldsFungi and […]

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The Hole in the Ground

The path winds round the field; a ribbon of brown, flowing along the hedge well-trodden, by boots and paws, of all shapes sizes and types.  And there lies a hole; a space in the ground; a haven from the world outside.  What lives within​? What calls this hole home? Where does it lead? Where does it end?  If only I could  shrink and enter; explore the depths, follow its twists and […]

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