The cruellest irony

Thoughts start Thoughts spin Never ending Emotions churn Heart broken Torn Cracked Nauseated vortex Spiralling confliction A cruellest irony When the only person Who could make you feel whole Who could make you feel better Is also the reason You’re in pain.

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The Missing Mirror

Do you miss someone? Miss them so much the ache stems from your bones from your heart from your soul. Where all you can think of is spending a moment with them in their company. Perhaps holding them close. Perhaps simply looking in to their eyes or sitting by them feeling their warmth and presence. […]

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Why do I keep weeping?  The frustration? The anger? The exhaustion? The pain?  Maybe it’s just because I do. Maybe it’s what needed, to let something go, not hold back, not blink away or swallow down, simply to feel: not to feel good or bad, just feel; release outflow, the ebbing of a tide dammed for too long.  No trigger, no warning, just tears, unbidden, unasked for, but perhaps necessary.  Eyes now tired, gritty, salty cheeks drying for […]

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The Chasm

He stands on the edge The chasm before him And afar On the opposite side She sits Surrounded by the tools She needs to set off On her tough adventure He shouts and waves He cheers and weeps His support for her success Depending on the fickle winds She hears some of the words Looking […]

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