You are not just stressedbecause you are doing too muchdoing too littleworrying about anxietiesanxious about worriescoping with what life is throwing at you. You are most likely stressedbecause you are doing too littleof what makes you feel alivewhat sparks your souland what lights the fire within.

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Do you?

Do you think of me when you close your eyes?Do you see my face behind your eyelids?Do you see my flaws, my pain, my soulin that moment when you blink?Do you see my smile in every day objects?Do you feel my touch with every breath of the wind? You don’t need to answer any of […]

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The untethered soul

A soultied downropeschainsbaggagehistorypainlessonsdespairmemoriesweightholding downweighing downtrappedcontained by the earthly vessel. Releaselet goleave behindput downcut the ropesplit the chainsbreak the shacklesthat bind and bite. Float awayfly awaybreathethe untethered soul.

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A person can,any personin two minutescan help you feelwhat someone else couldn’tin two years. Time means nothingto those connectionsto those souls;character does. Watch for that character.Watch for those individuals.Watch the sparkthat helps you feelwhat you never thought you couldwhen they enter your life. They maybe be therefor but a moment,or maybefor the rest of time. […]

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The Chasm

He stands on the edge The chasm before him And afar On the opposite side She sits Surrounded by the tools She needs to set off On her tough adventure He shouts and waves He cheers and weeps His support for her success Depending on the fickle winds She hears some of the words Looking […]

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Have you everhad your heart broken?Not just bruisedbut shatteredlike a glassshards adriftonly parts leftuselessunwantedas ifit will never hold love againnever feel wholeor full. I truly hope not. For it’s nota placeto wish for any. The feelingin my chestnot just emptybut a vacuuma voidwhere not even the darkcan penetrate.Where not eventears can fill. Yet I knowthat […]

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Peaks Above

A cold wind blows, eyes watering, breath catching beneath an azure sky.  Rock at my feet, as I stand atop the lovely peak.  Boulders and scree edge away, sloping down to the shores, not of water  but of cloud.  Below me a sea of billowing white. I’m surrounded by this ocean, but not alone.  The distance reveals more, more islands amongst the waves: other mountains tall enough to […]

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