The greatest Stitch

Delicate and petitethe Snapdragons dance in the breezeshakingpartying beneath the hedgerowtentatively stretchingsneakingout in to the field beyond. Five petalsdeeply notchedelongated heartsall meetingin a glorious golden heart. Lush spring growtha green night skyfilled with the Stars-of-Bethlehemtwinklingheraldingthe buzzing beeswafting butterfliesand zooming hoverflies.Early nectarfor those hungry to seekheld in the tiniest of wedding cakes. I can’t but helpto […]

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Trumpets blare

The world vibratesto the cacophonyof the blaring trumpetsas their notes crescendoto the welcoming of spring. The orchestra plays it’s musicthroughout nature’s theatreamongst the woodlands and hedgerowsas the bugles sing. No brass for this ensemblefilled with trumpets of whitesbluesand yellows.The multitude of flowersplay the symphonyonly they can hear.

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Temperature Turning

This morning’s walk in the crisp damp airwas the first time this yearI noticed the momentalmost to the secondof the temperature turning. As my wellies shushled through the dew drenched grassthe chill windjust nibbling at my bare handsthe blue sky abovepromising of clear days comingthe sun behind mecaresses my backthorough the layers of my clothingwith […]

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Toe in the water

The days draw longerlike an artist with a new lamp.More time to create and grow. The temperature,once belownow warms in the daybeginning the countdown,as if pressing the plungeron a magnificent bomb. The precursorto the explosion of Spring. The trees and hedges are working;groaning in the wind,as if stretching unused muscles.Joints cracking and moving.And many,right now,are […]

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The seed

Still, in the palm of my hand.Dormant, unmoving, waiting.Full:of potential,of life. Ready for the alchemy to begin:of earth and water,food and air,warmth and sunlight. Such a small capsule of matter can grow structures so large I can’t reach the top;housing thousands of creatures in your boughs.Or, you could growand swellinto somethingthat could sustain me. When […]

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Daisy Daisy

Give me your answer dobut what is the questionI should be asking you? You follow the winter, the snowdrops at prayer now gonereplaced by you,saluting the sunwith your cheery yellow centre; white petals open to all. They call you a weed, yet what is that really?A plant in the wrong place?! Yet how can it […]

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Shhh! Listen! They are waking

They are waking. Can you hear them? Listen carefully To the deep rumble From down below And all around. Barely discernible But there On the edge of sound The sound of pressure building The sound of stiff limbs beginning to move. The sound of expanding fibres The sound of sap beginning to rise. The world […]

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