Neuron Stars

Hold my handas tight as you likehowever you like. Palms clasped like a childor fingers entwined like a lover. Whatever helps you feel comfortableto come and fly with meoutside of your earthly body. Fly upright nowand leave your troubles behindleave the anxieties the fearsand fly free. We rise together. You are safeas your body falls […]

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To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

It’s hotstickya night of no sleepeven the airstilldampsuffocatingno relief. Windows openno reliefjust the whine of insectscaught in the room. And so I decampout the back doorcamp bed set upa sheet to cover Lying backopen to the nightgazing upwardinto a sea of stars.Pin pricks of lightin the black velvet drapeover the world above me. The hoot […]

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Dancing in the Moonlight

Moon shadows flit as we dance in the moonlight, the stars our chandelier.  Illumination subtle; twitching and shimmering, as we move to a song only we can hear.  Held close, swaying, spinning, feet moving through the sounds of the night.  An orchestra of owls and deer, badgers and skittering creatures.  The eve’s breeze  ruffles clothing; adding movement to the flow.  No words. No chorus.  Just dance, in time, as one, in time, under […]

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Down at the Stars

I stand, looking down by my feet at the stars below me: scattered throughout the dark firmament.  So bright they glow and beam whites and silvers, golds and yellows directly to my retinas; making me blink at their beauty.  I can see from my lofty place far off and tiny spaceships visiting these stars: docking and pausing – then moving on.  A hive of movement and trade beneath […]

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