Boiling water

When the waters of your own seaare boiling and churningyou cannot see your reflectionnor see clearly to its depths. You cannot act clearlywhen you are angryand the storms rage within. Only when the waters calmcan you get clarity;see what’s below,reflect on its reflectionsand act rather than react.

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Storm Force

The world roarsand shakesin a ferocious wind.People leaning in to the tempestteeth grittedeye half closedumbrellas long gone. Wheelie bins break speed limitsand trampolines fly up to Oz. Not a bird fliesall hunkered downin the waving treesand shaking hedgerows. Tiny flotsam laden tornadoesleafnadoesspin and whirlalong the roadjoined by our shame;litter and refusedroppedby a broken society. The […]

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Storm life

Life can be a vortex A whirl A tumult Of swirling chaos Where a storm rages And you feel out of control Buffeted by the howling winds Soaked by the driving rain Exhausted Deafened Clinging on Hunkered down Just trying to remain still And not be whisked off Up in to the raging clouds. Finger […]

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Blowing a Hooley

It’s black as night out therethough it’s only early.It’s blowing a hooleywith windows rattlingslates shakingtrees bending to the ground. Leaves swirl and flyamong the heavy rain drops.Frantic and frenetic,moving horizontallyacross my vision. The world hollersas lose itemscome alivelifted highto spiraland dance away. I’m surroundedby the roar of the windas I stand in the doorwayand step […]

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