Come this way

“Come this way”whispered the glowing evening sun. “Fear not the future.Regret not the past.Be in this momentand follow the pathto my warm embrace.”

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Temperature Turning

This morning’s walk in the crisp damp airwas the first time this yearI noticed the momentalmost to the secondof the temperature turning. As my wellies shushled through the dew drenched grassthe chill windjust nibbling at my bare handsthe blue sky abovepromising of clear days comingthe sun behind mecaresses my backthorough the layers of my clothingwith […]

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Kissed by the sun

This daythe first of the year it seemswhere the sunglowing in all its warmthfought through the greythe thick blanket of cloudto shine across my worldand gently kiss my facewith the softest of pecks. As I close my eyesand bask in the golden light.There‚Äôs still a frosta chill to the bodybut in this momentthe skin on […]

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Long Shadows

Tall gangly giants roam the earthstretching awayelongatedlong shadowsfrom shorter beings. Orange and goldsbake the groundstreaked by black bandslike a giant barcode. Some shadows stay stillcast by the trees.Some movelike minethat follow my route.Or am I following it?Especially when the sunis behind me. I walk through the woodthrough the strobe of light.Light to darkwarm to cold. […]

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The moon and the sun

The moon Alight In the dark of the night A sentinel Shepherding The myriad of stars As they graze Across the vast prairie Of the blackness. And slowly It puts to bed Each shining light One by one As the sun Begins to peep Around the Earth. Bright Whole Warming The sun Begins to brighten […]

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