Time they say is a healer. In my experience this simply isn’t true.  Time can numb, it can soften the edges but never heal completely.  For how can a human construct labels and maths created to mark the passing from one moment to the next, heal alone, periods of periods, marked by the ticking of a clock, the pouring of sand, the passing of the sun and […]

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When the Clock Stops

Wound up. Spring tight. Holding the energy, as cogs turn; caressing one another, counting the seconds, minutes and hours.  Mechanics whirring. purring.  The tick and of course tock of the pendulum; hands moving, tension and energy finite; only so much to go around without attention, correct intervention.  Without care eventually the clock will stop leaving only silence. 

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Autumn Frieze

The aircrisp and freshas if you could take a biteand relishthe coolnessof the breath. The crunchand rustleof the fallen leavesas you move through the woods.Wending your wayamong the wooden columns.A landscapeof fluttering brownsreds and tansas more golden tree flakesfall like gentle snow. Now imagineif you willof freezing time.The leaves pausingmid airwind stilledand you can walk […]

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A Single Grain of Sand

The salt tang in the air. Onshore breeze moving the dune grasses; as waves echoing the sea just moments away.  Sand between my toes as I step through the crystalline landscape; rising and falling  as the dunes stretch before me.  A linear desert trapped between the sea and marshes.  Snipe peep to my left, as egrets wade.  A curlew cries, flying low; skimming the salt laden waves.  My […]

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