Lonely tree

The lonely treestanding amid the fieldhedgerow long goneleft to stand alonea tower of lifean oasis for lifea sentinel of the landscapeconnecting the sky to earth.

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Dogs mercury

Despite the trees still barethe world around me is aliveand wakingpowered by the spring sun. Dried leaves are flung asideby Squirrel and Blackbirdas if in a strange danceaccompaniedby the trilling Robin. An echo bounces through the standa furious Pheasant taking to wingjoined by the clapping of Pigeons. The brambles are growingbuddingalong with the remnantsof the […]

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Fall, Reframe, Renew

Stormswindschaosthen calmthe aftermathwhen the world suddenly falls silentand those who’ve hunkered downemergefaces pensiveto see the new world. Trees downviolent and tornsome shattered mid trunkas if exploded from within.Others laid flatroots exposedsoil piled upleaving a crater behind. At first sightthe woods and hedgerowslook like a battlegroundperhaps devastated and uglyfrom the brown and green beauty they once […]

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Toe in the water

The days draw longerlike an artist with a new lamp.More time to create and grow. The temperature,once belownow warms in the daybeginning the countdown,as if pressing the plungeron a magnificent bomb. The precursorto the explosion of Spring. The trees and hedges are working;groaning in the wind,as if stretching unused muscles.Joints cracking and moving.And many,right now,are […]

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Fir fall

The hiss and ‘shhh’ surrounds me,as I stand beneath the pine scented boughs.The thick needled umbrellas catching the snowfalling from the leaden sky. The light is dark:blacks and greens above,browns and tansof years of accumulated needles under my feet.A soft yet spikey carpet. Pillows of thick, white snowsit scattered in the twilight.Pale islandsstanding under rare […]

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Shhh! Listen! They are waking

They are waking. Can you hear them? Listen carefully To the deep rumble From down below And all around. Barely discernible But there On the edge of sound The sound of pressure building The sound of stiff limbs beginning to move. The sound of expanding fibres The sound of sap beginning to rise. The world […]

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Dripping fire

I stand Among the fog shrouded trees Surrounded by the crackle Of dripping fire. Not hot but cool Not fire just the sound As drips fall from boughs Mist coalescing on twigs Their passage past me And on me Sounding like the snapping of flames In an open fire. Cool damp air Whispers through the […]

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As I sat yesterday In a queue of cars A woman caught my eye Late fifties At a guess. Not a beauty Not in bright clothes Not sashaying to be noticed But because She walked Hands in pockets Head down In a world of her own. So why? Why did she stand out? Because As […]

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Have you everlooked at a leaftruly lookedand ponderedon its miracles? Go on!Pop outsideand pick up a leafone that grabs your attentionone that calls to youand asks to be held. A single leafa factorybuilt every yearfrom nothingto light absorbingoxygen formingCO2 digestingcapabilities. Simple cellscollected togetherin a myriad of shapesand coloursboth largeand small. Veins and compartmentslike the back […]

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Windy wishes

Driving along Low autumn sun Through the windscreen Making me squint And peer To see The road ahead. Lined with golden trees I drive through The maelstrom Of blowing leaves Some slapping The windscreen Others whirling by. Pulling over I get out And peer Up and down the road No one coming Empty And so […]

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Letting go

Watching the leaves Shake and quiver Autumn colours Shimmering in the wind Some falling Frenetic path To the ground Others holding on Even when They look like they shouldn’t. But who’s holding who? Is the leaf Clinging to twig Trying not to fall Or is the tree Holding the leaf For too long When the […]

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Droplets on a twig

Silver globes glistening,defying gravity;cling like pearlsequidistant along the twig. Each drop eitherat the tip of a budorbeneath another. Shimmering in the slight breeze,yet holding on;a droplet of glue,of glass,blownby a tiny creatorand placed with carefor those who noticeto admire,and ponder. What wonders are heldin the reflectionsand memoryof the water.

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Tree Lawn

The trees shimmer in the heat of the meadow.  Insects buzzing with glee, zoom into a tree.  Just the one.  Watch it move in the breeze, leaves shimmering like bells chiming in the tower.  Branch and twig, splayed out catching the sun and breathing deeply.  Now,  zoom in again, at the tiny lawn on the limbs.  Greens, greys, browns of seemingly manicured lichens a miniature garden, trimmed and shaped. Topiary […]

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Oh the Gall of it

Sometimes smooth, round, a brown globe, like a tiny planet clinging to a twig.  Many names to be known by: oak apples being just one.  Yet all are galls;  woody growths, surrounding, protecting the tiny insect inside.  They grow, like an arbored pearl;  wooden scar tissue building up around the irritation.  And most are not round.  Many are knobbly, like a tiny undeveloped walnut.  Others like a […]

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The Headbanger

The rap,  tap.  The hollow resonance of beak on wood, high in the trees; like the knock at a door, beckoning me to open and peep through the portal to a world in the tree tops where I can cling, sharp toes secure in the wood, as I hop and skip upwards, seeking a meal; tapping and banging; head snapping forward, as I drill my way in; flying down to the next […]

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Feet in the Clouds

I look downbeyond my legsat the cloudsand vastness of skystretching awayand the crisp leavesthe smell of damp earthbrushes the top of my heada low ceilingof earthy vegetation. The branchesswaying and creakingbeneath memaking my floorshimmer and shakeas if an earth quakemoves everything but me. Leaves float upwardspassing my feetand rising past my faceLazily waftingand wiggling away. […]

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Frost Shadow

Gaps in the hedgerow, forming bands: sunshine and frost, sunshine and frost: a flat strobe across the land.  Walking on damp earth. Then crisp, white grass.  White shadows of trees, as if drawn by an artist, scattered with sugar.  Even the smell is different: soft pungent earth where the light falls; then cold, hard scents; sharp in the nose  where the temperature drops.  Maybe one day, I’ll […]

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Autumn Frieze

The aircrisp and freshas if you could take a biteand relishthe coolnessof the breath. The crunchand rustleof the fallen leavesas you move through the woods.Wending your wayamong the wooden columns.A landscapeof fluttering brownsreds and tansas more golden tree flakesfall like gentle snow. Now imagineif you willof freezing time.The leaves pausingmid airwind stilledand you can walk […]

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Dawn’s Prelude

The cool mist Lingers In the dark Before the dawn Filling my lungs As I breathe deeply As if the crisp air Can renew my soul The chorus Already begun Serenades The oncoming morning Blackness Beginning to lighten The trees Once silhouetted Light Against a dark background Now change As they darken And the canvas […]

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Hedging my bets with hedging.   Many ways of writing about the hedge; the boundary, ancient and new.   A haven for thousands of creatures. Best when cared for, not mullered and butchered but controlled with care: cut and trimmed; not to damage but to regrow, renew.   Ancient skills came about because they worked, […]

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