Love every drop

How lucky we areto have ready accessto clean drinking water. Millions are not. Taken for granted,simply at the turn of a tap:flowing, gushinginto the glass,the cup,the bowl. We even use it without drinking:we pour it on our gardens;squirt it at our cars;flush it straight down the loo. Easy to forget the convenience,its importanceuntil it’s no […]

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Beneath there is none

Above the wavesthe gulls crythe waves breakthe sounds of the worldalong the beachflow across the surfacefrom land to seapassing the breakerswooshing from sea to land. Above the eddiesthe birds sing their lullabyflitting from tree to treethat line river bankslike an aquatic arboreal canyon.Boughs creak in the windjoined by the plop of a voleswimming for it’s […]

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Still waters

Mind like water When tumultuous And stormyMind closed like the eyesAgainst the delugeAnd wavesChurning with frothAlways movingNauseating. The mind in a whirlLike a whirlpoolLike a spinning poolA vortexSucking all in to its mawAnd down to its depths. Even mild anxietyA mind of choppy waterMurkyOut of focusSilt disturbedTo cloud the issueAnd cloud the mind. Only when […]

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Droplets on a twig

Silver globes glistening,defying gravity;cling like pearlsequidistant along the twig. Each drop eitherat the tip of a budorbeneath another. Shimmering in the slight breeze,yet holding on;a droplet of glue,of glass,blownby a tiny creatorand placed with carefor those who noticeto admire,and ponder. What wonders are heldin the reflectionsand memoryof the water.

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Glass Delta

The water streamsand flowsdivergingconvergingin random patternsgoingwherever it wantswherever resistance is lessalways downhilleventuallyspreading outin a delta of liquid. Every dropmoves downwardreplaced by anotheras a steady streamof crystalline liquidjumps and swirlssometimes clearsometimesfilled with grainsof the earthcarried within it’s grasp. I sit backand watch the movementthe shimmering of dropsas the rainclinks and tapsagainst the windowI peer throughin to […]

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The Brook

Burbling,  bubbling,  chiming,  gurgling.  Water, flowing over pebbles and roots.  Eddies giggling by; carrying a leaf,  swirling; caught in a spiral.  Then off again, to lay still,  caught in a pool.  Minnows and sticklebacks  barely moving in the flow.  Silver ghosts, like drops of molten metal, plopped into water to cool.  Shaped to swim effortlessly.  A cloud, reflected in a pool from above.  Then a cloud of silt puffs […]

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Aboreal waters

I look out across the mirror: still waters,  reflecting the greys of the sky,  like a pool of mercury  within the bounds  of the quarry’s confines  ​The lake is deep now, swollen with the Winter’s storms, home to the honking geese and drifting ducks; a haven for those who find this hidden place, away from the roads well-travelled.  As if sunken in the quicksands of the silver […]

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