You blow and blastbite and burnsolid things can shakeat your powermoveloftflyYou niggle at edgesfinding that loose spotthen wiggle and shake ittill the spot becomes hugethe piece lets goand you carry it off.You can move mountainsover timelifting and letting goIt is your natureto reshape and renewyes destroybut not maliciousNot with anger They say you have furythat […]

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Storm Force

The world roarsand shakesin a ferocious wind.People leaning in to the tempestteeth grittedeye half closedumbrellas long gone. Wheelie bins break speed limitsand trampolines fly up to Oz. Not a bird fliesall hunkered downin the waving treesand shaking hedgerows. Tiny flotsam laden tornadoesleafnadoesspin and whirlalong the roadjoined by our shame;litter and refusedroppedby a broken society. The […]

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Blowing a Hooley

It’s black as night out therethough it’s only early.It’s blowing a hooleywith windows rattlingslates shakingtrees bending to the ground. Leaves swirl and flyamong the heavy rain drops.Frantic and frenetic,moving horizontallyacross my vision. The world hollersas lose itemscome alivelifted highto spiraland dance away. I’m surroundedby the roar of the windas I stand in the doorwayand step […]

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Where do you come from? I wonder   I know you are there, even though I can’t see you.   You are moving the leaves, blades of grass and trees.   I see the route you take, the effect you have on the world: like an individual with great power, moving across our lives, unnoticed; […]

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Dance with me

Come and playand dancein the airso crispand freshsings the windto the leaves Let me lift you upin to my eddiesand whirl you roundto spinand playin a murmurationof autumn colours Come fly with mein a joyful journeyup in to the skyto floatand flutteras if you’ll never returnand stayadrift in the heavens But for nowI’ll let you […]

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What you can’t see

Isn’t it funny, if you think about it, that despite the power it can hold and the damage it can cause that you can’t see the wind?  Something invisible, yet can move buildings and land and entire seas.  We can only ever see it passing: in the movement of the trees; in the floating of flotsam, carried in its eddies, and the scudding of the […]

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